The government wants to deprive you of secure encryption – but why does this matter?

In The Public Sphere

In early October I wrote a blog posting on my academic blog about the need for strong encryption for academics; when tweeting this posting, I noted that it actually applied to all areas of life.

Now, according to an article in the Daily Telegraph, our dreadful Conservative government at Westminster wants to prevent anyone in the UK from having proper encryption.  That is not how they describe it, but it is very clearly what they intend.  They want to ensure that nobody can use encryption services that the government cannot access – in other words, the government is going to ban you from securely encrypting your data.  This is not what they say they are doing, but: if your data can be read by anyone other than the intended recipient (another person or yourself), then it is not securely encrypted.

You may think this does not…

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